Idaho is terminating contract with VEYO. Getting Booted!

Veyo Kick In The Ars

Inside sources confirmed that Idaho is terminating the contract with Veyo. Multiple outside brokers and NEMT providers already started calling existing providers to get their vote.

This goes to show how right we were all along to express our concerns and in pointing out the corporate cronies  from San Diego hiring puppets to feed us bull here in Idaho.

A welcoming news, unfortunate pain in the rear for the bidding process again and mostly the hassle that all the clients have to adjust to another major change.


  • Doubt anyone will investigate or hold Veyo responsible for putting close to a dozen or more companies out of business.
    • Companies that have been in business for over 10 or more years had to shut their doors because of the shady business pitch Veyo sold.
    • They sold snake oil and the state bought it, we knew it, they didn’t listen, now it is too not too late.

Good bye Veyo and you have my middle finger!


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